Power-Strut U.S.

The Power to Build!

The present line of Power-Strut continuous slot metal framing is the result of over one half century of experience in metal framing.

This complete line includes channels, fittings and accessories for any framing or support solution…
large or small, heavy or light.

Power-Strut is proud of the exacting standards of research, design, engineering and manufacturing that go into production of the Power-Strut system.

  • Channels, Fittings, & Accessories
  • Electrical Raceway Components
  • Concrete Inserts
  • Cush-A-Clamps®
  • Power-Angles™
  • Aickinstrut® Family of Fiberglass
    Channel & Accessories

  • Aickinstrut® Catalog

    Aickinstrut Fiberglass Strut is the most widely used and accepted nonmetallic strut support system in the world because it is the most complete quality line of nonmetallic accessories, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and channels available. Aickinstrut is a versatile, high-strength product that has been successfully used in thousands of applications worldwide. Click here for the new e-catalog.

  • Announcing… Unipier®

    The new Power-Strut Unipier Rooftop Pipe Support System offers a full line of supports for conduit, gas and mechanical piping, HVAC Ducts, equipment supports, walkways and more.

    click on the title for more information on Unipier.

  • New Digital E-catalog

    The new digital e-catalog emphasizes more robust functionality and catalog browsing for the items that you need. Click here for the new e-catalog.

  • Solar Installation

    The Solar Brochure illustrates how Power-Strut is an effective solution for mounting solar panels.